Drop your Dress Size Fast with a Thong Body Shaper

need a thong body shaperBefore we explain that a thong body shaper is a must have for every woman’s lingerie drawer, let’s first discuss what makes thongs and body shapers our BF.

Why do women worldwide love thongs?
You can wear them at work, out with the girls, functions or on dates and not have to worry about the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). Plus, lets not forget about the sexiness of thong intimates, they make you feel and look glamorous and sexy.

You can wear it with the sheerest white cotton dress without the worry of that ominous undergarment shadow, thus, making you feel as free as a bird. It hides any and all signs of panty lines, making you feel ultra sexy, which can take your confidence level to new levels.

Why do women worldwide love body shapers?
Who doesn’t love the idea of slipping into an undergarment that not only slims your body but also helps to smooth out those irritating flaws that drive us crazy? Adding a little extra compression here or there, it helps prevent our tummy from getting a mind of its own, especially, after you devoured that bagel with cream cheese.

It gives you that subtle contouring even under the tightest, tiniest low-cut dress, so you can concentrate on those around you and not be worried about your body. Tummy control thong shapewear is often called wonder-wear or smoothing-wear for the way it enhances your curves.

Why women love thong body shaper?
It combines the benefits of two of the most beloved undergarments that exist for womankind right now! Combining the tummy-sucking power only found in your shapewear with the sultry sexiness that comes with wearing a thong – all in one simple undergarment. Sounds like heaven too me!

The thong body shaper doesn’t just erase the word visible panty lines from your vocabulary. It gives your booty a much-needed pick-me up and the tummy suction power holds you in where you need it most.

Why you need a thong body shaper today!

Once you try on a thong body shaper, these will be the only panty you ever need. You will be surprised to see that added sexiness isn’t one of the main reasons!

  • No panty lines
    This one is obvious, but you’d be surprised how often panty lines ruin a perfectly good outfit. Believe me, panty lines are visible under pretty much everything so don’t take the chance.
  • No uncomfortable seams to sit on
    If you have to sit for long hours a day, conventional full-butt underwear can literally become a pain in the ass because of the seams. Plus, it will leave little red marks on your bum – sounds like a no-brainer!
  • No chafing
    Nothing is worse than your underwear rubbing you the wrong way, especially if it is under sticky heat conditions.
  • No more wedgies
    This might sound odd, but thongs are designed to form the ideal wedgie that doesn’t slide around, and so they sit comfortably right where they should.
  • No butt acne
    Ok, we never mention this but its true, we can get pimples everywhere, and sitting on full-bottom panties causes friction that leads to pimples.

These are just some of the benefits of wearing a thong body shaper. We are sure that once you try them on, you can think of a hundred more reasons why they are the only underwear you will ever need!

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