The Hottest Hairstyles in 2018 That All Celebrities are Already Wearing!

2018 is an exciting year for fashion and beauty, changing how beauty is perceived and learning to embrace our bodies. Finally, fashion designers are creating clothing lines that are inclusive for all types of sizes and nothing less can be expected from this year’s most popular hairstyles.

This is the year of the textured shaggy bob, bold curls and bangs! Hairstyles that emphasis your individuality and learning to embrace your hair’s natural texture, without having to disguise it.

We are positive that these new hairstyles will inspire you to refresh your look at your next visit to the hair salon. From trendy haircuts to bold colors, we have the latest styles to help you reinvent yourself this year or better yet, find yourself again!

Here are 5 of the top hairstyles all over the country:


kendall jenner hairstyleShort Bob

2018 is the year that you are finally going to chop off your hair and embrace the freedom that only comes from a short hairstyle. Bob haircuts are here to stay and all of the chin-skimming cuts are suitable for every hair type, no matter if you have thick hair to super fine hair. Do you still need some inspiration, just check out Kendall Jenner’s or Kerry Washington’s new hairstyles!


Salma Hayek hairstyleFruity Colored Hair

Gem roots is one of Instagram’s biggest trends this year, inspired from precious gems such as magenta roots slowly transcending into lighter pastel shades. Another hair color that everyone is going crazy over has been dubbed “fruit juice hair”. It is a combination of blended fruit colors that is going be a big hit this summer. Check out Salma Hayek’s bubblegum-rose, gold hair.



demi lovato hairstyleBraids

One look that we are seeing more and more of are braids, from oversized braids to multiple braids. Suitable for all hair types, even those of you that have thin hair can now have huge braids thanks to hair extensions. Perfect for the beach or the colder winter months. Demi Lovato looked simply uncomplicated with her oversized French braid.



jennifer lopez hairstyleBallerina Buns

Nothing screams feminine as much as a ballerina bun. Only this year, is about keeping them smaller with a clean-slicked back style. For added volume, tie your hair into a braid before twisting your hair up into the bun. J-Lo rocked her ballerina bun by taking it to a new level with a complex creation.



sofia vergara hairstyleUncontrolled Waves

Put your flat iron away for this year and allow your hair to dry naturally, allowing your natural waves to flow. Lazy girls, this look has you covered, and you can even throw you hair up into a half bun for an effortless but stylish look. Sofia Vegara knows that the best look is what your hair does naturally.

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