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sustentable fashion

Global warming and climate change are one of the biggest topics on people’s minds, recently.

People nowadays are more concerned about what their clothes are “made” of than what they “look” like. Searches online are up for sustainable and ethical fashion – way up! For example, there has been a 66 percent increase in searches for sustainable clothing from 2018.

Fashion brands that sell organic cotton, sustainable denim or vegan leather are up more than 200 percent in page viewings. When it comes to sales, these small start companies cannot keep up with the demand. But, what is sustainable fashion and how will it affect you?

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability is all about being kind to our planet by being responsible how we use the limited resources and treating other fellow beings, especially those in third world countries working in garment factories. More and more people are reading up about brands before they hit pay.

All of them have heard about how fashion waste is building up in our rivers and oceans. Garment workers who are being forced to work long hours under inhumane conditions or even permitting child labor.

More and more designers and models are working together to create stylish clothing that have been created from post-consumer products such as recycled coffee cups or plastic bottles. Many models refuse to work for designers that do not enforce ecological integrity and social justice.

But sadly the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is stuck in their ways. Plus in order to meet the high demands of our throwaway society, the fashion industry pushes on producing millions of tons of garments each year. Much of that will end up in our landfills.

But we can all play a part in promoting sustainable fashion. Here are some ways to be a ‘green fashionista’.

Made locally

Look for handmade garment pieces that were made locally. If you can’t find a label that indicates where it was made, don’t be afraid to ask. Often, locally made items are made with premium materials so they last longer.

Go Green

By going green, you can play your part in promoting sustainable fashion. The easiest way to discover if a certain garment is green is by going online. All clothing brands have direct control over how the production of their garments affects the environment. Look for items that are recycled, organic or use natural dyes.

Fair and ethical

Many clothing CEO’s faced heavy fines including imprisonment for inhumane treatment of garment workers. Most garment brands proudly state nowadays that the workers have been treated fair and ethically.

Recycle, swap or go second hand

Reusing what is already made is a fantastic step towards helping our planet. Second hand stores are popping up online now as an innovative way to sell and buy used clothing. Many cities promote reusing clothing by having designated clothing swaps.

Fashion is all about ‘in with the new and out with the old’, but times are changing. The fashion industry is slowly beginning to rise to the sustainability challenge. The question is- will you?


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