Summer 2019 Most Flattering Swimwear For All Body Types

Bid farewell to frustrating and downright depressing swimsuit shopping this year. We have narrowed down some of this summer’s most stylish and flattering options for you! Whether you have a curvier silhouette or more athletic body type, we have rounded up the top picks for you so you can waste less time online and get to the beach this summer.

Here is everything you should be looking for in a swimsuit. Below, you will find expert advice about how to find the perfect suit and you will never have to dread swimsuit shopping again.

The Swimsuit Guide

Keep an open mind

When looking for a swimsuit, don’t be shy to try on different styles and sizes. Styles and cuts are constantly changing, so step outside of your typical comfort zone and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

Go a size smaller

Say yes to a smaller size! Swimsuits actually expand when it gets wet, so if you find your average size feels a little baggy while dry, it will be more loose when wet. Definitely not the look you are going for when you climb out of the pool!

Look for adjustable straps and ties

Look for swimwear styles that allow you to adjust the swimsuit to perfectly fit your body by using adjustable ties and straps. Always tighten a little more than you think you need, as it will loosen as you move.

Avoid trendy styles

Just because it is trendy doesn’t mean it will look good on your body. Great style starts with finding the perfect fit and not visa versa. Avoid the temptation of being lured into purchasing a style that looks good on the mannequin and not on you.

More fabric isn’t always a good thing

Just because the swimsuit provides full all-over coverage doesn’t mean that it will be the most flattering choice. More fabric can mean bunching. Plus, cuts and openings can flatter and accentuate your body’s curves. You are not a nun, so flaunt your body, don’t hide it!

If you have a pear shape

Do you have curvy hips but smaller on the top like Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Then you need to look for a swimsuit that balances out your proportions.

Pro Tips:

      Avoid boy short or thick bottom trucks, as it will only draw attention to your wider thighs by making you look even bigger.
      Opt for styles with a plunging neckline or an eye-catching print on your upper half to draw attention away from your hips.


If you have a large bust

Do you need a little support up top like celebrities such as Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara? Then look for swimwear styles with underwire bras and molded cups.

Pro Tips:

      Stray away from styles with ruffles or other types of embellishments up top as it will make others focus on your chest.
      Look for swimwear that is designed for you bra size instead of your dress size.


If you have a small bust

You have either an A or B cup size and look similar to Kate Hudson. Since you require less support upstairs, you should experiment with extra detailing to create the illusion of a larger bust.

Pro Tips:

      Padded and push-up tops are your BFF as it will create cleavage and give you extra lift.
      Triangle, bandeaus or tiny scoop tops look fantastic on you – so you might as well embrace them!


If you have curves

If you are curvy throughout your bust, hips and thighs, then you look like celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Ashley Graham. Don’t be afraid to accentuate your best assets.

Pro Tips:

      Support and coverage are your keys to looking your best in a swimsuit or two-piece. Look for asymmetrical styles.
      Color blocking works wonders in highlighting your curves right where you want to.


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