Shading of Eyebrows Hair by Hair

eyebrow shading

Now you can change the color, length, thickness and shape of your eyebrows with eyebrow shading.

Only a few lucky ones enjoy perfect eyebrows, the rest of us have little or no hair, too much hair, too far apart, too short, too high, too irregular, or too little arch marking.

The eyebrows are the lines of the face with the greatest expressive value, which is why their care, make-up and depilation require special attention.

Perfect eyebrows and no makeup!

The shading of eyebrows hair by hair or micropigmentation of eyebrows is one of the most popular treatments in beauty clinics today. It is a simple technique through which specific pigments are painlessly introduced into the epidermis.

This permanent make-up technique offers fast and excellent results, as well as a natural and flattering effect.

How is eyebrow shading performed?

It is performed in the cabin and requires the prior application of anesthetic cream that takes about 30 minutes to take effect. The first thing that is done is to design the desired eyebrow shape, mark the reference points, and delimit the new silhouette with a specific needle.

Who can have eyebrow shading done?

Any man or woman who wishes to correct scars, birthmarks such as hemangiomas, restore eyebrows that have been lost as a result of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, or simply those people who want to redesign eyebrows, whose shape or thickness, do not like or do not favor them, avoiding the effect “painted eyebrows”, sometimes so unnatural.

How long does eyebrow shading last?

Eyebrow shading is a temporary treatment, as the implanted pigments are absorbed. The stay varies from one to two years.

Is eyebrow shading a safe method?

Serious beauty salons that work professionally and professionally will make your eyebrow shading with an absolute guarantee of hygiene and safety. This is essential because, although it is a minimally invasive technique, needles are used.

Look for very professional beauty salons and clinics that will give you personalized advice and make realistic proposals, so that, according to your preferences, you can achieve a shading of your eyebrows that is flattering to your type of face.

New cosmetics “hair grows” from eyebrows

The shape, length and thickness of the eyebrows can be corrected using make-up and depilation techniques.

Recently, we have heard a lot about cosmetics in the form of a serum, whose application on the eyebrow enhances hair growth, which translates into thicker, fuller eyebrows.

This is an ideal product for those who want to provide density to sparsely populated areas of their eyebrows or for those people who, due to hormonal disorders or side effects of drug treatments, such as chemotherapy, have lost their eyebrow hair, and want to recover it more quickly.

Behind these serums lies a not so “secret” formula. Most of these cosmetics contain:

  • Collagen and phytonutrients, which protect the hair of the eyebrow and prevent it from being damaged, and consequently, from fractured.
  • Polypeptides, which together with fatty acids, promote hair repair and cell renewal.
  • Sodium hyaluronate, which moisturizes, regenerates and repairs skin tissues.
  • Aloe vera, which increases the elasticity of the skin by hydrating it properly.
  • Panthenol, which acts as a long-lasting moisturizer, strengthening the hair, improving its shine, and preventing its deterioration.
  • Horse chestnut, which tones the blood vessels and thus promotes hair growth.
  • Vitamins that nourish the hair, promote cell renewal and contain antioxidant properties.
  • It is recommended that this type of serum be applied to the eyebrows at night and allowed to dry for a few minutes.

Eyebrow shading will frame a perfect look

The eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face, as they provide the frame for the eyes, and expressiveness to the whole face. Micropigmentation or cosmetic serums are options for obtaining the desired shape, but can also be achieved with simple make-up techniques thanks to a correction pencil, a beveled brush or specific eyebrow brushes, which help define the eyebrows precisely and mark the desired shape.

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