The Pregnancy Pillow: The One You Want by Your Side

As miraculous as carrying a human being is, the truth is that it can be darn uncomfortable as well. Pregnancy brings about a lot of emotional, mental and especially physical changes that can hit you hard. As your uterus and belly grow, your body will react with many different pains and aches and one of the most difficult things for you will be finding a way to rest and sleep comfortable. In such times, who you want by your side? Well, besides your partner and your momma (seriously, in times like these, you will often want her!!) your best friend will be the almighty pregnancy pillow!

Pregnancy Pillow What’s that?

A pregnancy pillow is exactly what it sounds like. As described for Steven in, it’s a special pillow designed to support your body in all of the new ways in which you will need it. There are different types that can adjust to your needs and comfort. There are pregnancy wedge pillows (they look exactly like they sound, like a big makeup wedge that you can slide under your back or your belly when laying on your side), there are straight full body pillows, full body pregnancy pillows in the shape of a C and also full body pregnancy pillows in the shape of a U.

Why do I need a Pregnancy Pillow?

How to Use a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Well, as mentioned before, your body is changing. As your uterus increases in size, the way you sleep will most likely have to change. You will quickly realize that you can’t sleep on your stomach (for obvious reasons…that protruding belly!) and you may not know it, but you will also no longer be able to sleep on your back. The weight of your uterus pressing down on your venae cava (the two large veins that take blood back to your heart) can cause some serious problems. But don’t worry, laying on your back becomes so uncomfortable (between the heartburn and not being able to breathe) that your body will simply not let you lay like that for a long time. So, the only options left to you are sleeping on your side, preferably your left side, and in order to do so comfortably, you will need some support.

A pregnancy pillow can offer you support early on by simply lifting your back slightly (if you use a wedge pillow for example) and giving you some breathing room. As you grow bigger and need to sleep on your side, however, a full body pregnancy pillow will really truly become your best friend. These pillows will wrap around your entire body and give you support where you need it most.

How to Use a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Using a full body pillow is very simple, much more simple than trying to wrangle 4 or 5 pillows all night, that’s for sure. When laying on your side, you place a portion of the pillow between your knees in order to support your knees and hips. You then wrap the pillow behind your back and around your neck and head in order to prop up and support all of those areas and keep your body properly aligned. You can even support under your belly if you are using a U shaped pillow (which feels like a giant hug!) or if your C shaped pillow is long enough (C shaped pillows).

Instead of spending sleepless nights in complete discomfort and insomnia, or fighting with a bunch of different pillows that will move out of place every single time that you move (and let’s face it, you will be moving a lot at night during pregnancy), you can just rely on a high-quality and comforting pregnancy pillow. Not only will it help you have better nights of sleep, but it will help you keep your body feeling great during the day by preventing some of the terrible aches and pains that can come from sleeping improperly. It really, truly is the one you want by your side.


  1. My friends have also recommended pregnancy pillow to help me sleep well during pregnancy. I’m going to find out to buy it.

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