Tricks for Taking Your Daytime Makeup Look to Nighttime Without a Redo

make up tips day and night

Time seems to be vanishing into thin air, with longer transits to work and congested traffic. Often the very thought of returning home after a long day at work to change your makeup and clothes seems like a nightmare.

Plus, redoing you entire makeup while dashing from one place to another is not an option. Check out some simple make-up touchups that can take you minutes, apply in the morning and touch up for a more glamorous evening look.


Day: Look for foundation that matches your neck tone instead of your face, as it will have to seamlessly blend into your neck. Apply foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and blend outwards, starting in the center.

Night: Touch up your foundation with a different brand, preferably a powder foundation to touch any spots or blemishes that have appeared throughout the day.


Day: You will only need to curl your lashes once in the morning. But this is one step that you should never skip, as it wakes up your face. Start with lash curler at the root of your lashes and slowly walk it out towards the tips.

Eye shadow

Day: This is another step that will stay with you through the day. We prefer using creamy shadows, as they will last all day long without flaking off. Use an eye shadow brush to blend the darker color into the socket line and slowly layering lighter colors onto moving upwards.

If you have bags under your eyes, using a thin brush, apply a tiny amount of shadow under the eye.


Night: When you are planning on touching up your makeup without redoing your entire face, don’t apply eyeliner to your morning face.

Apply the eyeliner of your choice (we prefer liquid) directly above your eyelashes, starting from the middle working your way out. Use a brown/black color combination for the richest color. Blend in the liner making it as full as you desire.


Day: Make sure to apply your mascara from the bottom of the root up to the top, defining each lash. Key is applying in layers little by little.

Night: Using a different brand of mascara than you did in the morning, apply only one coat of mascara to each eye to make them pop. For a dewy look, add a little bit extra in the middle. Avoid adding too much as it will clump.


Day: Your eyebrows frame your face, so take a few minutes to fill them in. Chose a lighter color than your natural color, making feathering strokes to accentuate and elongate as much as possible.


Day: Apply a lighter tone lipstick or lip-gloss.

Night: Start with using a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick, starting at the bow of your lips and then the bottom lip, extending outwards. Apply lipstick; we prefer applying with a brush for added precision. Now using a tissue, blot and finish with a touch of lip-gloss.

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