Makeup Tips: All the Help you Need to Know in a Nutshell.

In order to develop a beautiful makeup, we will seek to improve the general appearance of the face and embellish it strategically through the following basic premises.

Improve facial expression and shapes with appropriate designs, finding the best general drawing stroke, seeking the balance between features and overall harmony in shapes.

Through the law of chiaroscuro which states that:”everything clear enlarges, gives volume and advances towards the eye of the viewer, while the dark recedes, shrinks, and sinks”, giving the face energy and vitality through a good use of color.

beautiful makeup

The Law of Claroscuro

To understand the ABC of design in makeup, it is necessary to start from the law of chiaroscuro, which is the pillar of any drawing and painting work, which achieves the tridimensional, depth, veracity and richness of drawing or painting. This law is fundamental in makeup, since with the game of chiaroscuro we model a face, perfect it, minimize volumes and sharpen depths, putting into light what is in shadow, and concealing with a darkness that which possesses excessive light.

  • The color

All colors are applicable to all women, be it brunettes, blondes, redheads or chestnuts. Since there are countless possible combinations of hair, eye, and fur colors, it would be complicated and cumbersome to put together a guide-box to know which palette to use for make-up. The choice of shades should be made according to the tone of the woman’s skin at the time of make-up, knowing that, perhaps sometime later, she will turn to another base tone when she is tanned. While all colors are likely to be used, it will be the clarity or darkness of a color and it’s “temperature” that will make it look better on one type of woman or another.

  • Color Temperature

Color temperature is an attribute of light, i. e. it is related to the incidence of light reflected on a surface.

  • Warm Colors

Warm colors are those that contain more yellow than blue in their composition. For example yellows, oranges and warm greens (with more yellow than blue in composition).

  • The Cold Colors

They contain more blue than yellow in their composition. These are blues, violets and cold greens (with a higher percentage of blue in their composition).

  • Neutral Colours

We will consider neutral colors to brown, beige and skin tones.

  • The Achromatics

Black, white and grey make up the achromatic palette. This option allows stunning and defined make-ups, which can be perfectly combined with a full-colour garment or for another one that is equally colorless.

  • The Reds

The reds are fiery by supremacy and, when it is used, intense and strong make-ups will be obtained.

The sensuality of red suits all women very well. Care should be taken to balance the intensity of the shade between the shadows and the lipstick so as not to produce overloaded make-up.

The Intensity of Color in Makeup

For a harmonious use of color, we recommend dividing the face into two areas or axes.

  • The upper part, eye color area.
  • The lower one, colored area of the mouth.

Ideally, to achieve harmonic and color-balanced make-ups, work with the same temperature on both axes.


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