Makeup tips for blue eyes

In order to make up your eyes, you must take into account, something more than fashionable colors. The most attractive colors can look great, but you’ll really benefit from them when you find the colors that suit you best. And of course, you also have to take into account the time of day for which you make up, so as not to miss the make-up.

blue eyes makeup

And since eye colour is also essential, today we give you some ideas for making up blue eyes. So you can look unforgettable with what works best for you.

Makeup the blue eyes for the day, is to choose colors that are attractive, favor the blue shade of your eyes and look natural, because in the day we use a more relaxed makeup. These ideal colors are brown in all its tones, beige, khaki, light golden, and gray.

Daily blue eye make-up, a makeup that must be well chosen, is what we bring to work, must keep us within the requirement of formality, but also embellish us and be very natural. In this case, for girls with blue eyes, it is necessary to take advantage of pastel and light shades of colors such as grey, violet, and the eyeliner should always be in a soft brown tone, although some soft shades of blue favor those with dark blue eyes, and the mask for eyelashes, must be black or brown to emphasize the look.

It’s not the same if you wear blue eyelash mascara, it’s far from favoring you and creates a uniformity that doesn’t let your eyes show. So take note next time, if you choose a soft shade of brown or black for your eyelashes, your eyes will look wonderfully beautiful and increase their appearance of brightness.

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