Kim Kardashian Steps Out in Her Unmentionables (Shapewear)

Pushing that boundaries of fashion. That’s just what celebrities do! Sometimes they are well received and other times, well, they are very much ridiculed. And in the age of social media, everyone seems to have an opinion. Recently, Kim Kardashian stepped out in what can only be described as her undergarments, and the comments on Instagram were not the most kind.  But, Kim is probably used to all the hate and just lets it roll off her back (wouldn’t you with a bank account the size of the one she’s got?)

The outfit: An exposed cream-colored bra, an unbuttoned white long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of lacy white, neoprene shapewear shorts. She topped it off (or bottomed it off??) with a pair of strappy heels and out the door she went! One Instagram user actually said that she looked like she needed a diaper genie, while others accused her of going out in her grandmother’s underwear (Not nice! I know!…manners anyone?)

kim kardashian shapewear

Whatever you may say about her fashion choice, however, you have to admit that her body looks banging! She has an amazing hourglass figure and although so much was hanging out, every part of her body was in the exact right place! And I’m going to blame that on her use of shapewears or corsets.

I know, I know, there was a time when shapewear was literally unmentionable. For decades, celebrities wore these babies under their clothes to give off an image of perfection, keeping their secrets tucked away from all of us peasants. But in recent years, celebrities have been more candid about their use of it and have even let us in on some of their secrets (Ok, like we can see in the photo above, some have just completely exposed it!).

So, What’s The Deal with That Shapewear?

Shapewear includes several forms of undergarments made with specialized fabrics (such as neoprene and lycra) that have been designed to tuck, hide and camouflage the undesirable areas of your body (excess fats, body rolls, etc) and enhance and lift the more desirable areas of your body. The best time of shapewear will compress fat in areas such as your belly, back, and thighs, while lifting areas such as your breast and butt.

Shapewear usually comes in basic colors, such as white, tan or black. There are many different kinds that target specific areas of the body. There are shorts (such as the ones modeled by the lovely Ms. Kardashian), panties, camisoles, and full body options that can discreetly fit under most of your clothing.

The Benefits of Shapewear

As we mentioned above, shapewear can camouflage imperfections. Moreover, they can instantly improve the look of your body and allow you to wear clothing that you otherwise would find extremely unflattering. If you are concerned with modesty, they provide an extra layer underneath very tight and/or very sheer clothing. They also help to instantly improve your posture, which will always make you look good! But It’s important to be careful with the fit of your shapewear. Too tight, and not only will it be extremely uncomfortable, but it will have negative effects on your breathing and circulation. Moreover, an ill-fitting piece of shapewear will create awkward bumps and rolls that can look much worse than simply going without.

So ladies, what will it be? Will you be stepping out the door in all of your shapewear glory like Kim? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to! But you can still enjoy the benefits of figure flattering shapewear underneath your clothing for everyday use or simply for those really special occasions.

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