An Influencer made a copy of Kim Kardashian SKIMS pajama set for only $25

Pajama kim by Kheumani

Kheumani is an influencer and college student who loves sharing her beauty and fashion tips on YouTube. Her latest video shows us how she made an identical copy of the SKIMS pajama set that sells for $268 for only $25.

She went out and bought herself a fuzzy blanket at Walmart for $25 for her sewing project. She posted pictures of the process on her social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram. Her goal was to recreate Kim Kardashian’s three-piece pajama set that is sold on SKIMS for $250 + taxes and shipping.

SKIMS do sell so much more than shapewear on their website, such as ultra-comfy lounge wear. The brand has recently created a section called “Cozy Collection” that can only be described as cute and creative. It’s that kind of lounge wear that you just want to cuddle up on the couch with your special someone and drink a glass of wine.

The influencer, Kheumani specially loved the $52 knit top and $88 knit pants with a $128 knit robe, adding up to more than $250. Pricy!

Even though she loved the pajama set, her budget couldn’t afford the splurge for just lounge wear. But after saying her thoughts on her Twitter account she realized that she wasn’t the only one who was dreaming about the pajama set but not the hefty price tag. So, she started searching for a fabric that was similar to Kim Kardashian’s pajama knit material.

Kheumani stated that the SKIMS pajama set looked like it was a big cozy knitted blanket, so she started looking for a cheap alternative to use for the material. She isn’t a professional seamstress, but she taught herself. But she didn’t want to be greedy with her cheaper alternative to the original SKIMS pajama set, so she filmed the entire process for her YouTube viewers so they might be inspired to do the same.

Since she didn’t have an actual pattern to make the pajama set, she used similar clothes to make the template for the pajamas. She found in her closet a crop top, pajama pants and a robe. She laid the fabric out on the kitchen island and began to cut out the shape of the different pieces and then sew them together.

The entire process can be seen on her social media account and her pajamas have gotten her more than 373,000 likes, retweets and shares. But she hasn’t heard from Kim Kardashian or from SKIMS yet, so she is keeping her fingers crossed, as Kheumani adores everything about Kim Kardashian and what she represents.

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