How to Wear this Year’s new Trend with Style – The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket isn’t just for biker-girl types.

Anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket. It isn’t just for tough, rebellious types or for gorgeous girls who look good in everything. How then can you wear a leather jacket and not look like the masculine, tough biker type girl?

The simple answer – it’s all about what you combine it with. Keep on reading for many suggestions of what to wear with your leather jacket.

trend leather jacket

Before we do that though, note the following points about wearing a leather jacket:

The leather jacket is chic, comfy and simply stylish all on its own. It makes an instant statement that “here I am, accept me for what I am and I don’t care if you don’t”. Leather is considered to be a classic category, as it is timeless and beautiful. It feels like an old friend embracing, making you look your best and feel great.

There are many types of leather jackets and they all give the image of being a ‘step above’ other jackets. They are a simple, effortless, and extremely versatile fashion statement.

Your look can be casual, cool, sophisticated, fun, playful, sexy, feminine, tough, basically, whatever you want. The leather pulls it all together.

There is the classic motorcycle look, usually paired with ripped jeans, personalized by an oversized bag, jewellery or a scarf and finished off with high boots.

Options include layering the jacket over a sweater with black leggings; a black V-neck tee under the jacket; a hoodie under the leather; or a trench coat over the leather; boyfriend jeans; silky blouse with a pencil skirt topped with leather jacket; or a business casual look topped with leather.

Another choice could be to wear your beautiful leather jacket with a classic summer dress and heels. Extreme opposite is to wear with a sweatshirt and sneakers and tight jeans or leggings.

To soften the tough girl look, wear you leather jacket over a feminine printed tank top and jeans for a simple and casual look. Another great feminine touch is to wear your jacket with lace or a beautiful long 40’s style tea dress, for example: a lavender gingham dress with black leather makes a huge fashion statement.

White tops with navy stripes are classic and look awesome under the leather. Pair with white jeans or wear with skinny jeans. Sweet blouses, chambray shirts, pullovers, knits and athletic wear or pretty silvery dresses – all a great look with leather.


Midi dresses dropping to the floor and topped with leather speak volumes about feminine beauty. On the other hand, the mini skirt or dress with tights and a little top, look great too with the leather jacket.

Whether you choose tops that are floral, feminine, bright, colourful, white, striped or lace show that you are unique.

Another important complement is the accessories you choose.

You can use almost any footwear you like but the look comes together importantly by what you choose. Cowboy boots, high heels, above the knee boots, ankle boots, boots with heels, running shoes, sandals or ballet shoes, are the finishing touch.

Scarves, necklaces, small purses, and oversized bags all help to make the look you want. The key is keeping it simple and classic.

Hats of all types, hair done up in a bun, hair hanging down like you just crawled out of bed, big sunglasses, tights or bare legs-all help to jazz up your look.

Then the final important piece of your outfit ties it all together — your beautiful leather jacket. Enjoy!

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