How to Wear Legging Without Looking Sloppy

Leggings are the ultimate loungewear. Even though our mother believes there is only one place they should be worn and that’s at the gym. Just because they are so comfortable doesn’t mean they can’t also be practical and stylish enough to wear in public.

But we are here to help you make these comfy pants a key part of your wardrobe, being versatile enough to take you from the office to date night or out dancing with the girls. We’ve got you covered with a long-list of essential outfit ideas that you are going to love.

The five outfits below are anything but sloppy or lazy.

leggings for women

The classic black legging

There’s no need to wait till spring or summer to start wearing your summer dresses. Look polished and dressed up on weekends without too much fuss.

Simply start with wearing classic black leggings, add a long tunic or casual sweater dress and add a complementary or neutral tone belt at the waist. Finish off the look with a comfortable pair of ankle boots and big weekend tote bag and you are all set. You will love this chic look for brunch, shopping or a coffee date.

Just a word of advice: If your black leggings begin to look worn out or faded – throw them out or donate them. It will ruin any outfit.

High Fashion in sporty leggings

Get a chic street style by combining your favorite sporty leggings to get an instant fashion upgrade. The key is teaming your gym pants with an oversized sweater, clean white sneakers and keeping accessories to a bare minimum. Maybe just with a sleek purse, fitness watch and sunglasses.

Looking a style that is a little more fashion forward? Then match your sporty pants with a flowing coat that is almost the same color and pattern as your pants. You will catch some attention with this confident outfit.

Leather Leggings

Faux-leather leggings look great for a night out with your friends at your favorite watering hole. There are endless ways to style this classic look but we are partial to a sheer-blouse and bra combination with heels.

These women’s leggings are ideal for wearing to the office for a sleeker look or going out for drinks with friends at night. Just be careful with accessorizing as it can quickly make you look a little too sexy.

Printed leggings

Are you dreaming of wearing your Star Wars leggings to work? Here is how you can wear them and maintain a professional vibe. This unique style involves using fun patterns and matching them with a long, silk blouse and a shorter, fitted blazer.

Feel free to show off your personality at work with your craziest leggings for women – but the key is balancing the top pieces with more muted colors and tones and layering under a long tunic.

Marbled leggings

This subtle look looks fantastic if you are wearing black high-waisted leggings with a slight white marbled design.

You can easily match these ladies’ leggings with bright, louder prints. Marbled pants are more suitable for casual occasions but still leaving you looking refined and put together such as on an outing with the family or lounging near the fire after a long day skiing.

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