How to get Rose Colored hair without ruining your hair

rose gold color

I love anything that is pink. Totally love all shades of this perfect color. So, when I saw pink was the bold new “must have” hair color I consulted with my hairdresser and she said: “No, no, no! Your complexion is all wrong, your eyes are the wrong color and your hair is too short.”

The Solution? Rose Gold color: a beautiful and subtle shade of pink.

The hairdresser’s reaction had some merit to it and I have to admit that bright pink hair on me would’ve looked horrible on me. The secret was in choosing the right shade of pink. That is when I discovered rose gold. Just the name sums it up—a soft, subtle pink with gold overtones.

Some tips to help you enjoy ‘rose gold’ hair

I always learn everything the hard way so here are some suggestions to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

At least 3 days before you dye your hair treat it with a hot oil hair treatment. This will help condition and strengthen the strands.

Plus the week before you dye your hair, use a deep conditioner at least twice that week. Another option is to use a hair mask. (NOTE: do this before and after you put dye in your hair.)

Avoid washing your hair

Another rule is not to wash your hair too soon after it has been dyed. Shampooing your hair with hot water will cause the dye to wash away. The result: healthy, vibrant hair with a gorgeous color.

Choose the right color

The simple key to knowing what is right for you is honestly looking at your natural hair color. Whatever you do, don’t choose a color that is either 2 shades darker or lighter.
If you stick to this golden rule, all will work in harmony and the new color will actually flatter your skin tone.

Listen to your stylist

The Hairdresser said no, no, no! My hairdresser was right about the color of my eyes and skin if you have light skin and light eyes, you should choose a lighter shade. rose gold is a perfect choice.

The rule for darker hair and skin actually is that they look better in a darker shade. So, look for a deeper shade of rose gold color? Sounds awesome to me. Or use rose gold highlights. Gorgeous!

Good news for Olive skin tones: pick gold tones—Rose Gold hair color!

Dark eyes and yellow skin tones are perfect for rose gold hair color!

About short hair, celebrities have blown that right out the window. Absolutely, short hair is a wonderful choice for rose gold color.

Play it safe

Don’t use permanent dye. Choose demi-permanent or even, semi-permanent. This is a smart move as it is not so hard on your hair. It actually will enhance your natural color. Eventually, it will wash out.

Look even better

Pink is a pastel color. Rose gold is a subtle shade of a pastel. What this means is that you have to counter attack the pastel shades washing you out. A nice tan helps make you shine and helps the rose gold hues to bounce and just look incredible.

Makeup will also help. Use gold, bronze shimmers and metallic tones to bring out your new subtle golden rose dyed locks. Finally, light colored clothes make a difference too. This is a good time to wear the whites, pastels and grey colors.

Helpful Suggestions

Get an experienced stylist with an excellent reputation to help you with this. They have been trained and know more than you do. They will know right away how to adjust the different shades to complement your skin tone and eye color. That is how my hairdresser found rose gold for me and we had a lot of fun with it.

Follow the trend of having subtle pink hair and enjoy!

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