Denim Guide – How to choose the best jeans for your body

Nothing is more powerful than a pair of good-fitting jeans. Once you slip into your favorite baby blues will immediately change your mood, boosting your confidence and making you even feel a little sexy.

However, if you have ever gone jean shopping, you know how difficult finding a pair of life-changing jeans can be, especially if you have a normal body and not that of a supermodel. But hey, even models struggle to find the ideal jeans for their body due to their super long legs.

Sadly, jeans are not those magical pants from the movie “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” – one pair works for everyone. So we set out to discover the secret code to finding the ideal pair of pants for every body.

From long legs to big butts, here is everything you need to know in order to find the jeans that will flatter your curves.

Long Torsos

Just because you have a long torso, doesn’t mean that you are tall. It just means you have a longer shaped midsection, but because of this, most jeans don’t sit quite right on your hips.

Look for styles that have a high waist and darker colors. Avoid the low-waist style as it will make you look like a stick and look for styles that hit just above your ankle or lower. Stay away from cropped jeans.

jeans long


We envy you tall girls out there because you can wear flats 24/7 even with dresses and pencil shirts and still look fabulous. But the downside when it comes time for buying jeans, is finding an inseam that is long enough to accommodate those long legs is harder than you’d imagine.

Look for slim-fit styles and certain brands like Frame and Topshop which provide longer inseams for your model-long legs. Plus, if you find a pair of jeans that fits in all the right places but is too short, don’t worry it will look stylish with a pair of ballet flats.

Tall jeans

Short Torsos

If you have a short torso, you know the importance of elongating your midsection. The challenge with a short midsection is that you tend to look thick and frumpy in basically everything you wear.

Look for styles that tend to hug your hips and have a lower waist, this will create the illusion that you have a longer, slimmer torso. Also, look for styles that crop at your ankle or you can roll up for a little added definition.

jeans short torso

Flat butts

For those women out there who wished they had Marilyn Monroe curves, we understand your pain. Finding the right pair of jeans that will make you look like you have a killer bum instead of their boyish figure can be a challenge.

Look for styles that have a larger back pocket, as it will accentuate your bottom. Plus styles that come with a lift-tuck technology, which creates an illusion that you have a higher and rounder butt.

flat butt jeans


Finding clothes in general for your petite frame is a constant challenge, but when it comes to finding jeans, the biggest problem is the length. But for those of you who have an ultra petite figure, finding a small enough waist size is a whole other problem.

Look for styles that will elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer such as slim cuts with a cropped legs. Also, avoid wearing styles made from lighter colors; instead opt for dark washes for a more slimmer look.

Petite jeans

Large thighs

Jean shopping can literally be as painful as getting a tooth pulled, especially if you have larger thighs. Your waist being considerably smaller than your thighs makes it a challenge to find jeans that actually fit.

Look for styles that have a wide-leg cut and high-waist. Avoid styles that have a low waist with a skinny cut, as it will make you look shorter and chubby. Your best choice is a pair of jeans with lots of stretch.

jeans large thighs

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