Fashion Over The Last 20 Years – How Has it Changed?

clothing evolution

Take a scroll down memory lane through your closet. Some of your past favorite clothes such as cargo pants, Dr. Martins’ army boots and low-rise denim have stood by you, during some of the biggest moments of your life.

Just the thought of looking back at some of the ensembles you wore in the past can be frightening and you wouldn’t be caught dead in some of them today.

From tracksuits to army print, baggy, cargo pants, which can beam you temporarily back into the past and help you reminisce about the good old days. Some styles are better off, left in the past, but others you might find are making a trendy comeback.


The top sitcom on the air in 1996 was Friends, which was on its third year. Plus the number one single was “All Eyez on Me” by Tupac.

Everyone was walking around with a Jennifer Aniston iconic haircut. Young teenage girls would tie their hair back with colorful butterfly clips made popular by the Spice Girls. Everyone had a combined tracksuit that looked great with your Walkman.

The platform Sketchers was the biggest 90’s street style, which was promoted by Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera. Beverly Hills 90210 reinvented the distressed mom jeans style that had a high waist.


Back in the days when Britney Spears and Justin Timeberlake were still an item, they introduced the world to a denim overload with a punk-rock attitude.

Denim was everywhere and so was bedazzling. Everyone who was anyone had a pair of jeans that were bedazzled. The platform Sketchers was replaced with light-up sneakers.

The Aniston hairstyle was replaced with tie-dyed hair with a feathered haircut. Low-rise jeans were all the rage. Now, real moms were the only ones wearing mommy jeans. The tracksuit was upgraded to the Juicy Couture tracksuit and cargo pants started to make a comeback.


There were basically two styles during this time period, Goth and preppy and absolutely nothing in-between. Low-rise jeans were still popular but now in a skintight design with a slightly flared leg.

Nothing was better than showing off your new Aeropostle pullover with some black nail polish, when going to school. Crocs were worn everywhere even to school. Those looking for an edgier style rocked Hot Topic graphic tees.

You weren’t cool unless you had a flat iron and basically ironed the life out of hair.


Thankfully the gothic trend was replaced by a softer bohemian trend and the preppy look stayed, but now it wasn’t called country club. Low-rise jeans were still hanging around but leggings were making a welcome comeback, especially with the invention of jeggings.

Oversized sunglasses and glasses were all the rage. The demand for even straighter hair created the need for more powerful flat irons and ombre hair (basically your hair looked dried out all of the time).

2016 to now

High tops and Sketchers are making a come back with trendy athleisure street wear taking over the way we dress, by combining sneakers, with a more professional tailored look.

Reality stars and singers such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are changing the way we buy lingerie and shapewear. Turning items that were considered inclusive for a certain “sized” women now becoming exclusive.

Shorter haircuts such as bobs and wavy styles are main styles right now, allowing you to put your flat iron away, unless you want to make big bouncy curls.

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