Fashion 101 – Let’s make 2019 your most stylish year ever

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Even though we are almost halfway though 2019, most likely you are still stuck in your same-old fashion rut. Spring is the best time to let go of the old and replace with the new. Looking stylish doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run out and buy an entire new wardrobe.

Here is everything you need to know about how to update your humdrum closet so you can look the best you ever have. Plus, it will save you money and make space in your closet.

1. Never buy something for one occasion

We are all guilty of running out and buying something for a special occasion that we have ever worn again. Instead of purchasing an outfit for a certain event, opt for ensemble pieces that are suitable for more than one dressier occasion. Think versatility and not just trendy.

2. Don’t hold on to clothing that doesn’t fit

Our body changes whether we want it to or not. So holding on your clothes from when you were a smaller version of yourself is just taking up closet space. Plus, if you manage to lose the extra weight, those clothes items will have gone out of style. So, just be honest with yourself and give your clothes over to charity.

3. Don’t buy clothes just because it’s on sale

Often, trendy pieces are marked down towards the end of the season because they are going out of style. No matter how fantastic the bargain is, if you don’t wear it, it is just a waste of money.

4. Never buy something that’s not your style

No matter how much you love a certain trend or style, if it’s not a style that you typically wear, then you will never ever wear it in public. Rule of thumb is that if it does not suit your personality, it will just stay in your closet collecting dust. Hand it over to a friend who would look amazing in it.

5. In with the new and out with the old

One way of keeping your closet under control is by every time you buy something new, then you need to get rid of something old that you haven’t worn in awhile. By doing this you are resetting your brain to only justify buying something that you really love and will use.

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6. Avoid going on an uncontrollable shopping spree

You can admit you love shopping! Often we go on a shopping spree when we become bored with our wardrobe and end up spending loads of cash on items that we never wear. Make it a goal to buy a classic, timeless piece once a month to prevent boredom.

7. Check out new brands

Often, we get stuck in a fashion rut, due to the fact we are always shopping at the same stores, which carry the same updated styles year after year. There are some great brands coming out monthly, just waiting for you to discover them and, often at lower prices and better quality than your old-trusted brand name.

8. Spring clean your closet

Our clothes can make us sentimental, due to the memories that they hold but that makes getting rid of them even harder. Why hold on to something that is just sitting in your closet? If you are unsure whether you can get rid of it or not, place in in a bag for 3 months and if you don’t wear it during that time then you can get rid of it.

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