Different Ways to Apply Foundation for Flawless Skin

foundation makeupMost of us have a well-established way of applying foundation already, maybe by using a sponge, brush or smearing it on with our fingers. However, we apply it, we are all out for the same goal- smooth, flawless, beautiful looking skin.

What would you say, if we told you that there was a way for you to get your foundation to work even harder for you? Listening now? We have talked to the top makeup artists and they are sharing with you their secrets, so you might just want to rethink your boring-old foundation routine.

Here are some techniques that will change the way your apply your foundation forever:

For bright and glowing skin

Have you been feeling a little washed out lately? Being stuck indoors during the winter months leaving your skin looking a little blah? Give your face an instant glow with this method.

Pump a few drops of your favorite foundation onto the back of your hand and carefully mix it with a tiny bit of shimmery pigment such as gold, champagne or silver. Blend together and then brush onto your skin as you normally would. Resulting in glowing skin with zero shine.

Once your face has a beautiful healthy glow, finish off your look by defining your eyebrows and adding a splash of color to your cheeks and some black mascara and you are ready to shine.

A flirtatious blush

We have been taught to apply blush to foundation, it seems like a crime to apply it any other way. But by applying first, under your foundation it will look more like a natural flush.

Start by moisturizing your skin, so that your blush stays in place. Now, using a cream blush not powder, dab a tiny splotch onto your cheekbones and a few drops of foundation, blend the two together using either your fingers or your buffing brush. Gently massage it into your skin, until there are no noticeable lines.

You will love how the blush will ever so softly peek through your skin, looking like a natural flush that men love. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral with some rosy lip-gloss and copper/brown eye shadow.

Light suntan

Thankfully, extreme contouring has disappeared and been replaced by contouring that is so subtle that it is often called nontouring. The secret is to using a stick foundation that is only a little bit darker than your skin tone.

Swipe the darker foundation on your face where your face normally would tan quicker such as your cheekbones and forehead. Once you blend it into your natural skin, the contouring will virtually look like you have been out in the sun and have a natural glow.

One of the keys to contouring is making sure that you blend it in very well, so there are zero lines. We suggest using a base brush to help you softly blend it into your skin without hurting yourself. Again, keep your makeup simple with just a little mascara and lip-gloss, letting your natural beauty take first place.

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