Books for Women Entrepreneurs

For many years, women were seen as the “weaker sex”. But that has changed in recent years. The 21st century has been taken over by women and we have met hundreds of female figures in charge of large companies that started from scratch themselves. For you, who are an enterprising woman, we have 5 book recommendations that you will love.

Thrive Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is no ordinary writer, she co-founded The Huffington Post and is one of the most influential women in the world today. An example to follow and that delights us with an oasis of knowledge and experience at Thrive.

In this deeply personal book, Arianna speaks candidly of her own challenges with time management and prioritizing the demands of a career and two daughters. She talks about the juggling she had to do to meet business deadlines and her family crises, situations that led her to collapse and her “moment”.

Based on the latest research and scientific discoveries in the fields of psychology, sport, sleep and physiology that show the profound and transformative effects of meditation, full attention, disconnection from everything and giving, Arianna shows us the way to a revolution in our culture, our thinking, our workplace and our lives.

Hooked up Nir Eyal

Enganchado is the bible of Pamela, one of the two founders of Beek. This book will introduce you to the “Hook Model”, a four-step process that companies use to build habits. Through consecutive hook cycles, successful products attract people over and over again without spending millions on advertising or aggressive messaging.

Hooked is a guide to building products that people can’t leave behind. Written for product managers, designers, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, customer development managers and people eager to learn more about elements that help us control our behaviors.

#GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso’s life could well serve as a plot for a film. At the age of 20, without a permanent job and with a fairly bad academic record, he started selling clothes on eBay. Over time, she became so successful in sales that she opened her website which is now one of the world’s leading online clothing portals.

? GirlBoss is Sophia’s story written by herself. The story of how she became a respected woman in the fashion industry when she had nothing at all. It is a funny but inspiring book that will make you feel completely identified with Sophia.

Little Capitalist Pig Sofía Macías

To manage your own company’s finances, you must first learn how to manage your personal finances. Little Capitalist Pig is the ideal book if you feel that your economy and your financial decision making could lead to bankruptcy.

If you haven’t received any information or knowledge about the basics of economics, or money, and you don’t know how to invest, save or spend the money, Sofia Macias, one of our favorite beekers, offers you an ideal guide to begin to understand how to capitalize your profits.

The Conquer Kit | Natalie MacNeil

Author and entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil will help you harness your creativity, build a solid foundation with the four pillars that sustain every successful business, create products with good purpose and marketing plans, bring a great team together, imagine the bigger picture, map your next steps, and finally bring your ideal business to life.

The Conquer Kit is a canvas for your dreams and goals. He invites you to draw, scribble, collage and write on his pages, all while developing an airtight business plan with proven strategies for success.

books for women Entrepreneurs

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