Bob’s Cut Has Already Been Made: Long Hair is Now Used!

long hair is trend

A well cared for, silky and radiant long hair is undoubtedly one of the best ways for a woman to look more attractive and feminine. In addition, having an extra long hair allows you to have an infinity of hairstyles and styles, adapting to new trends. But like everything else, long hair also has its drawbacks. He needs a lot of care to be healthy and strong. If you want to have an envied mane, follow these tips:

Washing method

Extra long hair needs a very good quality shampoo and conditioner and, of course, adapted to each type of hair to keep it strong and silky.

Use a nourishing mask once a week and apply it evenly throughout your hair. This will prevent the hair from becoming brittle and broken.

Experts do not recommend washing long hair every day, as it generates its own oil and removing it will make the hair look duller. If your hair is very greasy, you can try a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash it.

One of the challenges with long hair is that it does not require the same care at the ends as at the roots. At the same time that the tips need a significant amount of conditioner so that they do not open, the roots can become clumped if we overshoot by applying the products.
To wash your hair properly, start at the roots and work your way up to the ends and massage your scalp gently with your fingertips.


Once we wash the hair, we don’t have to rub it roughly with a towel. Just slide it gently to the tips to absorb all the moisture. Long hair is more prone to knotting, so it is advisable to apply a detangling lotion before starting to brush it. To untangle it, use a wide-tooth comb that is not made of plastic, and to prevent it from breaking, split the mane into strands and comb them separately.


The years of age of the ends on long hair make this type of hair strictly necessary extra nutrition. In addition to the nourishing mask, we can also use some excellent natural remedies to care for long hair and keep it well hydrated. To thicken and improve each hair fiber, you can try a treatment based on almond oil, for example.


Just like with half or short hair, it is best to let your hair dry naturally. However, we cannot always do this when we have very long hair, so if you need to use a hair dryer it is important that you use it correctly. To avoid damaging the hair structure, first apply a heat protector and then place the dryer at a safe distance of 30 cm to start drying it. It is important that you dry at a warm temperature at all times.

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