Best shapewear buying guide

Recently, we have been hearing lots of talk by celebrities about body positivity and learning to love our bodies. But hey, that doesn’t happen over night and the majority of us don’t have an entourage of makeup artists and stylists trailing after us to make us look our best 24/4.
Thankfully, contouring body wear can help us learn to love our bodies and here is everything you need to know choosing the best shapewear for you. No matter what our size is, we all want look a little slimmer and feel confidant each time we walk out our front door. But the reality is we often end up feeling frumpy, lumpy and insecure.

But you might be asking how to find the best shapewear? Or how does shapewear work? First, shapewear is designed to smooth out all of those little insecurities that trouble you, such as cellulite, thunder thighs, muffin top, bat wings, etc.

But choosing the best shapewear can be a challenge because there are so many different brands and styles. Our experts have compiled a list of everything you should consider before buying shapewear, so you stop wasting your time and money on useless products.

How to choose the best shapewear

Different fabrics

Do you remember your mother’s girdles? They were made from restrictive fabrics that worked overtime as a portable sauna. Thankfully, nowadays new breathable, lightweight control fabrics have been invented making it easier than ever to find the best body shapers.

What are the best shapewears made from? Often shapewear is made from a combination of Nylon, latex, Spandex and Lycra. These fabrics have the power to instantly make you look about ten pounds slimmer and drop up to two to three dress sizes and still be comfortable throughout the entire day.


Types of compression

Choosing the best shapewear will depend entirely on the amount of support you are looking for. There are three main types of compression in body contouring wear: Light, medium and firm.


  • Light:This type of shapewear provides extra sliming power than your typical panties or nylons. If you are looking for everyday contouring wear that is comfortable, then this is the best choice for you.
  • Medium:This compression is the best shapewear for tummy control or any other lumps and bumps. Many new moms opt for this compression because it is the best shapewear postpartum to help them regain control of their body. Suitable to be worn everyday and all day long.
  • Firm:This is the best shapewear for muffin tops because it provides maximum support often right where you need it most, your waistline. But it is also more constrictive than the other types of shapewear and typically worn for shorter periods and special occasions.

Shapewear Guide Types

Different styles of shapewear

If you have ever had a chance to look at the shapewear section in your local department store, it can be overwhelming. Here is the lowdown on the best compression shapewear styles available today.


This is best shapewear option for girls who want to slim out their midsection but don’t feel like wearing tummy-control panties or shorts. Look for styles that are seamless to give you a smooth silhouette from your shoulders down to your hips.

Control tights

One of the only types of shapewear that you can show off and tuck in your bum, thighs and tummy and give your legs a much needed pick-me up. If you have worn them before you we agree that they are some of best shapewear for muffin tops.


This is one of the best shapewear postpartum because it re-teaches your stomach to return to its original position. It is designed to be tightened and give you an hourglass figure.


Are you looking for coverage for your entire torso? Then your best shapewear choice is a medium compression bodysuit giving you full support that looks sexy under everyday outfits.

Control panties or shorts

One of the most popular styles of shapewear and are considered being the godmother to all shapewear. They allow you to add tummy control without putting on extra layers, cinching your tummy and streamlining your waistline.

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