Best Shapewear for Plus-Size Women that will accentuate your curves


Choosing the right shapewear for your curves can be like trying to find your way out of the labyrinth. There are so many styles out there that it can be overwhelming.

Dress season is underway and there is no better time to find the ideal piece of body smoothing wear that will accentuate your every curve. Celebrate your sexy, full-figured silhouette by just ironing out any wrinkles that might not make your feel a hundred percent.

Being honest, all of us could use a little extra help smoothing things out once in a while; here are the top must-have plus size shapewear that every curvaceous girl should have in your wardrobe.

Take the challenge out of finding plus-size shapewear

Just because we have been blessed with curves doesn’t mean we have to hide behind our clothes and shapewear gives us the confidence to wear what we want and flaunt our stuff.

But the perfect look or style all begins with a simple corrective undergarment that will smooth and slim your body, giving you the confidence to strut your stuff.

Shapewear for women has really evolved in the last few years, giving us control panels, comfortable form-fitting shapes. Made from lightweight, breathable materials that actually feel like a second skin instead of being wrapped in plastic wrap.

Say goodbye to tight spandex and embrace seamless items that are perfect for highlighting your beautiful curves.

Our experts (that look like you and I) have compared some of the hottest styles on the market and narrowed the list down so you can stop wasting your precious time searching the web for the best body shapers and get out there and start enjoying your life.

Layering tanks or camisoles
Your closets are not complete without a layering cami, smoothing your body and transforming as the perfect foundation for any outfit. Unlike a waist trimmer, this camisole will shape your midsection without leaving you gasping for air. Wear it tucked into a pair of skinny jeans or top it off with a blazer and heels and you are ready to tackle the world.

Firm compression bodysuit
If you can only afford one piece of shapewear, then this is the piece you need, as it can sculpt your body exactly how you want and can be worn virtually under anything. A full body shaper provides you with tummy control and shaping for your torso, allover. Look for bodysuits made from seamless stitching, so no marks and with former compression.

High waisted boy shorts or briefs
No more chafing with these beauties that will contour your thighs, booty and midsection. Look for styles that provide light to medium compression and a seamless design. Some designs can be hooked into your bra for a smoother line and no sliding.

High waisted power panty
You will LOVE these panties and buy one for each day of the week -trust us, we aren’t exaggerating. Offering 360 degrees of support, making every angle become your good size. Look for panties that provide light to medium compression and made from a nylon/spandex mix, so it can shape your midriff, back, gut and shaping your rear.

Quick solutions for all body types

We are beautifully unique, but we all carry our curves in different areas. The key to looking our best is embracing our body type and dressing in a way that flatters it.

Shapewear is practical for every body type but here is the breakdown for the best type of body shaper for you body.

Round: If you have this body shape you will most likely have a full bust and curvy hips. Your goal in wearing shapewear is to define and slim your waistline.

You should wear: Corsets and cinchers as they suck in your midsection. Shaping camis are your best arsenal, as they will tuck and shape your entire waist.

Straight or rectangle: Your hips, waist and shoulders are almost the same proportion. You have a very elegant shape but just need a little extra defining.

You should wear: Booty-enhancing body shaper for women that add a little boost to your rear and clincher vests or shaping camis that will smooth your waist, back and giving your breasts a little push-up.

Hourglass: You have natural curves that are perfectly balanced with slim waistline.

You should wear: All-over shaping bodysuits that smooth your entire midriff and if you want a little lift in the rear, wear thong bodysuits.

Curvy booty: You look great in jeans because of your curvy hips and tiny waist but your chest is smaller, so you need to balance your figure.

You should wear: Thigh-slimming shaperwear that get your hips under control and eliminate and signs of a muffin top. Also a push-up bra or bodysuit will give your chest a little more oomph.

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