Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Girl Must Have

All set to get back to the basics? Fashion is constantly changing but there are twelve essential items that you need for your wardrobe that’ll last a lifetime. These simple items will bring any outfit together, effortlessly.

Plain white tee
Can anything be more versatile than a plain white tee? Looks great with a pair of jeans, a chic skirt or under a slip dress. No closet is complete without this essential.

Ballet flats
Ballet flats can dress up your jeans or casual down a dress suit or cocktail dress, being equally chic and comfortable. Your outfits, your feet and will thank you for slipping into these shoes.

Elegant blazer
A good quality blazer will be your go-to jacket. Looking at something extra to bring your office look together, then throw on your blazer. Looking for a way to stay toasty warm but don’t feel like wearing a big, bulky winter coat, again throw on your blazer. This can’t ever go wrong jacket even looks great over your cute little cocktail dress.

Slip-on sneakers
Slip-on sneakers are gaining popularity due to the new athleisure trend, making it have a top place on your wardrobe essential list. Your feet won’t complain having to walk miles in them, you will love them because they look so much more stylish that tennis shoes. These slip-on shoes will give any of your outfits an extra dose of cool.

Striped shirt
Yes, a classic Breton striped shirt is a must have for any lady’s closet. Looks good with any type of denim or a tight-fitting pencil skirt. Be bold and mix it with floral, plaids and even other striped pieces. Honestly, we have never found a striped shirt that we can’t match.

Basic Wardrobe Essentials

Black Trousers
This solid pair of trousers will get you out of many fashion emergencies and you will feel great in them whatever you are up to. You’ll love this Monday to Sunday staple that you’ll wear to work or out for brunch with your mother-in-law.

Sleek stilettos
Need a confidence boost? Want to step up your look from average to stunning? Then, pair of heels is in order. Keep a pair of them under your desk, for last-minute meetings or after-work drinks with friends or a business dinner.

High-waisted shapewear briefs
Need some extra smoothing around some of your rougher edges? Feeling bloated and need some help squeezing into your jeans? Then slip into some wonder-wear that will smooth all of your worries away. Look for a pair that comes with tummy control panels for extra compression.

Dark-wash denim
Looking for a new pair of jeans, then the make to choose is a fresher look that has a darker wash. Dark wash looks more professional and can be worn at a wide range of scenarios such as the office, plus they conceal stains pretty easy.

White button-down blouse
This simple white blouse will hit your wardrobe on the road to a home run. There are so many options about you can wear and combine this top. Pair it up with a simple skirt or pants and you will have a classic look or layer in under a sweater for some extra dimension or warmth.

Black leggings
Looking for a pair of pants that are just as comfortable as they are versatile? Then slip into a pair of body-clinging leggings. Combine then with a pair of ankle boots for a night on the town or a pair of ballet flats for a more casual dinner date at the pier.

Little black dress
There does not exist another ensemble that provides you with a better blank slate for styling and accessorizing than the little black dress. It has gotten you through some of your biggest moments in your life, making it essential for any wardrobe.

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