Amanda Hagan: A Road Map to Fitness

Thanks to Social Media, we have a new type of “celebrity.” They are men and women who display their lives for us on social media and usually take part in a “niche” culture that they share with their followers. Instead of celebrities, maybe we should call them Influencers, because, for better or for worse, the influence they have on the lives of many is astounding. Some of the best examples of this can be found in the fitness industry and one of our favorites goes by the handle amandahaganfit.

Amanda (@amandahagan) is a 21 year old from California and in one of our all-time favorite posts, she shared her before and after, which is incredible! Although beautiful in both, the work that this girl has put into her health and fitness has left her not only looking spectacular, but she’s truly an inspiration for both men and women alike. So, how did she do it? Well, we’re here to explore just how! You can always use a small waist to get a little help

Work Outs

Amanda trains hard and she often shares her workouts on her Instagram. She doesn’t do a lot of cardio, but she’s into explosive resistance training. She is especially known for doing workouts for her glutes, so you will see a lot of Squats, lunges and leg lifts. She uses weights and is constantly referring to increasing the amount of weight she uses, which is super encouraging to women who fear that lifting heavy weights will make them look masculine (Trust us, she doesn’t!) She also uses resistance bands a lot. Like, all the time. She uses them for squatting and leg lifts and all kind of exercises. Her resistance bands come from and they come highly recommended by her.


A Road Map to Fitness

Anyone who is serious about their fitness knows the importance of protein in their diet. Protein is used for the production of muscles, hormones, hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components. Muscles need an adequate amount of protein in order to heal and prevent injury.

In order to heal the “micro tears” that occur after working out, it’s a good idea to ingest protein after a workout. The best way to do so is through a protein shake, because it is more quickly digested, thus reaching the muscles faster. Amanda’s go to protein is the Lean Whey (Cookies and Cream!) from Fitonomy.


BCAAS are Branch-Chain Amino Acid Supplements, which are useful when gaining muscle mass and maintaining the mass even when on a calorie-deficit diet. They are used by people who want to gain muscle while at the same time becoming very lean. It’s important to remember that energy comes from fat and the leaner one becomes, the more energy is that is needed in order to keep gaining muscle. So incorporating BCAAS to an intense workout regimen is a mass. Amanda relies on BCAAS for her continued gains and she also gets those from Fitonomy.

Fat Burner

Finally, Amanda isn’t shy about the fat that she uses a fat burner from Fitonomy as well. She takes a burner cap every morning before breakfast in order to suppress her appetite throughout the rest of the day. She says she does so in order to increase her metabolic rate and in order to have more energy throughout the day.

You can tell Amanda has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to her health and fitness. Her before and after transformation is amazing. It has taken hours of workouts, eating a clean diet, and some helpful products and supplements. There is no magic pill, but following her roadmap will definitely get anyone on a path of ultimate fitness. To look like that, the hard work just might be worth it!

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