Welcome to the Live Beautifully Blog, a place where every young woman is encouraged to identify and celebrate beauty within herself and others. I’m Kate, founder of Live Beautifully. Because of of the new Teen thing, my senior year is a bit unconventional. I’m splitting time between New York City and my home in South Carolina for a few months while I finish my last few high school classes online, and then I’ll be relocating for a longer period of time to study at the New York Film Academy where they’ve given me a scholarship. But I’m still like any other senior in the respect that I’m kind of freaking out about having to decide where to go to college next fall, what to major in, and what to career to pursue. What happened to the days where my most pressing decision was whether I listen to the Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack as opposed to the Karaoke version of High School Musical?!?

The Live Beautifully Blog stems from the Live Beautifully message (read about it here) and has become an outlet for me to address and express some of my opinions about issues regarding body image, self esteem, and personal identity that young adults are challenged with every day. Throughout elementary and middle school, I never felt like I fit in and I certainly never felt beautiful. And it bothered me. I saw other girls, whether among my peers or through the media, that were considered beautiful. I knew that I didn’t look at all like them. I was too ‘goody goody’ or too much of a nerd and I thought that people didn’t like me. Although I was raised in a home where value was placed more on inner beauty rather than physical, I just didn’t get it. I was told by so many that it’s important to be pretty on the inside, but how exactly could I achieve that? Although I had the qualities that defined ‘inner beauty’ I was still insecure. So I chased after the ideal of beauty, becoming so wrapped up in wanting to be popular, accepted, pretty, but never feeling satisfied. Until I had a revelation.

My freshman year of high school, it finally sunk in that there is more to me than my hair, my face, and my clothes. I realized that I have been created for a purpose, with special gifts and abilities that can help me reach that. I realized that, although it’s fun to dress up and feel pretty, that’s not something for me to place my sense of worth or value in. I had a new viewpoint and attitude about what constitutes beauty. I started becoming more involved in community service and school activities, but to take that statement even further, I became more emotionally invested in ways that I could reach out to others. The more I did these kinds of things, the less I became worried about myself and the way I looked or whether or not I fit in. And you know what? I’ve never been happier! In fact, I’m a completely new person! Since then, I continue to learn through experience the importance and meaning of true, lasting beauty. It is my mission to share my experiences with as many girls as possible from a genuine, relate-able perspective. Learn from my mistakes and give yourself a jumpstart on finding your own beauty!

Thanks for visiting the blog, remember that every day is an opportunity to Live Beautifully!