8 Effective Weight Loss Tips – Loss Weight Quickly and Safely

tips for an effective dieting

Losing weight can seem like a complicated process. After all, there are literally thousands of diets all claiming to miraculously help you drop those extra pounds, instantly.

Actually, losing weight is pretty simple, once we cut though all the weight loss nonsense out there and get back to the basics. The key isn’t a quick fix by shedding the pounds but by actually being able to keep them off.

Here are 8 smart, sustainable changes to your lifestyle that really work and will jumpstart your weight loss.

Take control

Stop making excuses for yourself. Realize that you are in control of your outcome. Just because you come from a line of bigger people, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great body.

Don’t be the victim but make yourself the success story. By taking control of your body and emotions, you build the momentum to lose that weight once and for all.

Track to keep on track

There are so many excellent food trackers apps available for your cell phone. Most of us are foodies and love food! But by tracking your portions, you eliminate the need of cutting out from your diet the foods you love (which is one of the main reasons diets fail, time and time again).

Tracking your food also helps you see how much fat, protein and carbs you are consuming. Seeing these results, you can learn to make healthier choices.

Ask yourself “Am I really that hungry?”

We often eat for fun and comfort, often not even giving a second thought to whether we are actually hungry. Many times, we eat because we just love food.

It will take sometime to reeducate your body that you will wait till meal times or when you are actually hungry. By eating out of need and not habit or for comfort, you will quickly start to lose weight because of less caloric intake.

Avoid processed foods

Fewer processed foods, means less sodium and sugar in your diet. Our body is designed to eat whole foods not chemicals that mess with our metabolism.

Processed foods have been overcooked and pasteurized, offering little or no nutritional value. Leaving you feeling hungry sooner, meaning you will eat more calories later on.

Eat for performance

Most fad diets, leave us feeling weak and at the point of the breakdown. Our body needs fuel to perform, the higher quality fuel we feed it, the better it will perform. Concentrate on eating whole foods that your body actually needs to get you moving.

Instead of eliminating carbs, opt for whole grains, seeds, avocados, Greek yogurt, berries and nuts. You will feel more energetic, which will motivate you to exercise instead of vegetating in front of the TV.

Become a Master Meal Prep

One of the main reasons, we make bad food choices is because we are short on time, starving to death or just have no energy to make a healthy meal at the end of the day.

Meal and snack prepping on the weekends can enable you to control what you eat during the week.


Whether you are trying to lose 60 or 10 pounds, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. We are not referring to liquids that are found in tea, coffee, carbonated beverages or smoothies but pure unadulterated water.

Drink at least 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning before that cup of coffee. Quite often, our brain sends us a mixed singles telling us we are hungry but really we are thirsty.

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