7 ways to treat your skin better

Do you feel like your face looks drier and puffier than normal? Do you spot new wrinkles or fine lines? Or there are dry patches? All of which are skins of aging, even though aging gracefully can be beautiful, it is an experience that most of us would like to slow down.

Aging is one of the things that can’t be avoided and affects every part of your body. Aging does have its perks although; it comes come along with added experiences, wisdom and successes. But our face takes a toll when it comes to aging.

Even if you have anti-aging genes and look younger than you really are, all of us need to take care of our skin. Plus, other aspects can affect our complexion such as environment, free radicals, stress and diet.

Our skin reacts to how we treat it and the more love it receives, the better it looks. If you want to stop signs of aging in its’ tracks and improve your complexion, then you need to add these skin-friendly habits to your daily routine.

treat your skin better

Tip 1: Get enough sleep

Getting adequate sleep is necessary for optimal physical and emotional health. But how well you sleep every night affects how quickly your skin begins to age. Staying up all night binge watching on Netflix wreaks havoc on your skin, so make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each night and try to go to bed at the same time every evening.

Tip 2: Stop dehydrating your skin

We all know the importance of drinking at least 2 liters of water each day, but on weekends we tend to forget about chugging back that ice-cold water. Often when we relax, we sip alcoholic beverages and the more we consume the more dehydrated we become. If you are going to drink alcohol, drink the same amount of water to ward off the side effects.

Tip 3: Remove your makeup

We know the importance of removing our makeup before going bed, but honestly we have all collapsed into bed after a late night out without removing it. Makeup is not designed to moisturize your skin, but as a cosmetic enhancement. Leaving it on your face for prolonged periods is basically like leaving dirt on your face, which causes it to breakout, and age faster.

Tip 4: Feed your face

We know that getting a professional facial is expensive, but try doing a ‘once a week facemask’ for the same results. Prep your face by removing all debris and makeup, then using a cleanser clean your face and improve your tone. Once your face is clean, use gentle foam exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Now your face is ready for the facemask of your choice. Look for varieties that will hydrate and clarify your skin tone. Believe us when we say that your epidermis will thank you!

Tip 5: Eat healthy fats

We are not referring to chowing down on a Chick-fil-A sandwich and fries, as that will only dull your complexion and maybe cause a breakout. But eating foods that are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids such as fresh avocado, olive oil, fish and almonds can do more for your skin than the most expensive 1-hour facial.

Tip 6: Always wear sunscreen

Most of us are careful about applying sunscreen when we are going to be outside, but what about indoors? UV rays can penetrate through windows (even car windows), which can cause early onset aging, wrinkles and ugly brown spots. Plus, the glare from our computer or tablet can cause skin damage. Make sure you apply a good quality SPF everyday, even if you are not going outside.

Tip 7: Watch your air quality

Thankfully, the law requires public areas to be smoke free, as cigarette smoke has been proven to release free radicals that speed up the skin’s aging process. Plus, other pollutants can cause your skin to dry out, leaving you looking like you are ten years older. Change the filter of your furnace or air conditioner regularly. Have a humidifier to house to keep the air humid.

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