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There is no way to deny the fact that quality made shapewear provides comfort and a sleep silhouette that just looks darn good on you. You can simply wear your own clothes but have a boost of confidence knowing that they look great.

However, keeping your shapewear in good condition is a little more complicated than it is with your typical outerwear. You need to invest into caring for your shapewear if you want to get the most out of them. It’s best to just remember that you should handle your items with the gentlest of touch.
Here, we offer up so great advice!


Save Monogamy For Your Relationships

You need to rotate through several pieces if you want to keep your garments in the best of shape. You need a variety that can be worn with all of your different outfits if you want them to last. It’s important that you never wear your garment more than twice before washing it. Washing it, in cold water that is, encourages your pieces to shrink and tighten back up so that they keep doing their job at a maximum performance.


You’re Going To Have To Get Your Hands Dirty

But don’t worry. You will then work on getting your hands clean! You need to have delicate measures in such delicate times. If you have shapewear made with latex, you will have to kick it old school with some good old-fashioned washing by hand.

Since latex can become damaged easily when it’s not cared for properly, running it through your regular old washer could spell disaster to your garment. You might as well kiss it goodbye. Wash it by hand with warm water and use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo. It’s important to air dry it completely and once it is dry, store it in a cool and dark spot.

Make sure you check the labels of all of your shapewear to ensure that there is no latex if you want to wash it any other way.


Machine Wash With Caution

If your shapewear is made out materials other than shapewear, you can use a washing machine as long as you take precautions. Make sure you wash on the gentle cycle or the hand-wash cycle on cold. Cold water is important because not only does it prevent fading and heat damage, but it encourages your items to shrink back to their original shape and size.

Excessive agitation and hot water can stretch, fade and simply destroy your delicate items. When You use your washing machine for your delicates, it’s also a really good idea to use a mesh bag, like this one. It will protect your clothes from getting caught on any zippers, buttons or other clothing that can stretch, rip, or tear at your delicate items.


Use The Right Detergent

Believe it or not, detergent plays an important role in the care of your items. You want to avoid using detergents that contain softeners, fragrances, dyes, alcohol, or bleach, because your items may become damaged. A light and specially formulated detergent that is specific for lingerie and delicate knits is your best option. Investing a little in the right soap will save you money in the long run.


Let It Dry

Remember to air dry your shapewear and all of your delicates. The heat from the dryer can damage and stretch your clothes just like the hot water from the washer can. You can hang your shapewear or simply lay it flat to ensure it keeps the right shape.

With the right type of care, your shapewear will last long and continue to give you the benefits and performance you desire. After investing so much into them, you don’t want to lose them!

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