Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Coming...#HebrewsB4Halloween Bible Study!

As you can probably imagine, the last few weeks have been extremely busy and crazy and fantastic and undeniably exciting. I just recently got back home from my second trip to NYC and have fallen back into a normal rhythm, one that doesn't involve five runway shows a day. Instead, I'm working on at least five college applications a day. Definitely closer to what I'm used to! Live is in full swing y'all! And while it's all undeniably exciting, I don't want to lose my focus on what truly matters, my faith.

One of my defining characteristics is my busy-ness. I'm always doing something, and although it's not always the most productive something, I keep myself preoccupied. I prioritize my time and energy and invest in what I think is important. That being said, sometimes my priorities are skewed and the most important fall to the bottom of the list, including my faith. And thus begins the endless cycle of 'backsliding' and moving forward, then back again, and finally forward until I just end up at a loss for what to do. To prevent this from happening (again), I'm publicly committing to a few things..

Number 1: I'm making space for God. A couple weeks ago Nia and I went to the Hillsong Church in NYC and I remember that morning I had this whole concept of skewed priorities and a fear of losing my faith on my heart. So what a coincidence it was when the pastor's sermon was about how in our busy day-to-day lives, we have to be MAKING SPACE for God to work. I took some notes about things Pastor Carl said that stood out to me, including this...
"If the devil can't kill you by getting you to do bad things, he will distract you by getting you busy doing good things."
And to give you a little context, we were talking about the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42, which you should really go read if you haven't already! But for a quick overview, basically when Jesus came to these sisters' house Mary sat and spent time with Him while Martha became distracted with making sure that the housekeeping and dinner was ready. I've noticed that in my life, I get busy with things that are considered admirable, but cannot compare to spending quality time with the Lord. So I'm committing to making space for my Bible, for worship, and for resting in God's presence, which brings me to my second point.

No. 2: I commit to finish reading the Bible by the end of 2014. The first day of 2013 I started a Bible reading plan that was supposed to take me through every verse of the Bible in a year. I started out pretty great...but some 21 months later I'm close, but not quite finished. So I'm committing to finishing it, even the days when I'm reading Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

No. 3: This is kind of the whole point of the post, sorry to keep you waiting! ;) Since I'm committing to my daily devotions, I want you to join me! The month of October I'm going to be doing an online Bible study through one of my favorite books, Hebrews! I'm calling it #HebrewsB4Halloween! (Can't believe that we're already referencing Halloween, where has the time gone!) This part of the Bible is incredible because it basically outlines just what it meant when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, and how it radically changed EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE THOUGHT WAS 'RELIGION'. Seriously. Every time I read through it I get excited and can't help but smile because I am reminded of how Jesus changed the world and my life forever . There's also some great information in Hebrews regarding living by faith and some other instructions for life after you accept Christ. There are 13 chapters in Hebrews, and starting October 1 I'll be posting about twice a week with passages to read, my commentary, Biblical references and research, and also prayers so that we cover everything. Along the way I'll be asking some of my spiritual role models for their insight to share because there are still things in scripture that I don't understand and I want to learn too! After I post that day's passage, feel free to share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever and use this as a tool to get a conversation going! Who knows, maybe sharing a link can lead to you sharing your testimony or the Gospel with a friend. If you want immediate answers from me during the Bible study, comment on the post and I'll respond! Or tweet me/comment on my Instagram posts @KLeeGraham1 using #HebrewsB4Halloween so I can get back to you!


Just thinking about this Bible study makes me so excited!!! My vision for this is that we'll start to grow as a community of believers online so that we can be empowered to get offline and share the news of salvation! We'll basically be the most convenient small group ever!

Live Beautifully, and prepare yourself for some life-changing scripture!
-K. Lee

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NY Fashion Week Photo Diary

How is this possible?!?!

Am I really at New York Fashion Week?

OMG that's Lincoln Center!

And hey there, photographers are taking pictures of my outfit! So this is what it's like...

I don't think I need to tell you that Fashion Week was amazing! Like I said in my last Fashion post I've been dreaming of going to NYFW for years, so just to be in the city during this time is so exciting,  but throw in front row tickets to shows and the chance to walk the runway and I'm over the moon. I'm so excited to see how the fashions for next season will translate from the runways to the street, based on the shows I'm expecting lots of sheer detailing and light airy silhouettes. Check out my photo gallery below detailing my favorite moments on and off the runway! Get ready for some serious street style inspo!

 The tents at Lincoln Center are the main venue for shows. And outside of Lincoln Center is prime real estate for any fashionista looking to be photographed by fashion bloggers, reporters, and paparazzi covering the week. Check out all those people!

I used one of the mornings that I didn't have any shows scheduled to head out to Lincoln Center on my own to photograph some of the fabulous street style so that I could share with you all some of my favorite looks! These first few all have back-to-school wear-ability but still manage to be perfectly on trend!

Spring is the time for femininity, for pretty, soft, and girly. I loved seeing so many ladylike styles gracing the street, especially all of the tea length skirts and colorful frocks. After sifting through these pics and watching the INCREDIBLE Monique Lhuillier show I can confirm what every good Southern Belle knows. Dress like a lady, keep it classy and you will always be in style.

P.S. Look who I's my big sister Miss Universe! How gorgeous does Gabriela look in this vibrant dress? I love how the printed heels act as the perfect accent to this powerful look. And I think Gabriela is a queen in every way so of course anything is going to look amazing on her!  I also ran into the gorgeous Natalie Zfat and Alyssa Campanella! (See above row, far right) Alyssa is the blogger behind and was Miss USA 2011, and Natalie is a social media guru! But post Carolina Herrera they were just pure perfection.

 Speaking of classy and classic, one can never go wrong with this tried and true combo. That's right, black and white is still in! What I love about these two girls is that their dresses, while a common color scheme, are anything but common cuts. Check out those slits!

And the remaining 'fun' looks! I absolutely love all of the color I saw, a happy deviation from the famous black that dominates the NY Fashion Scene! These girls all just look cool, and are completely owning their looks. That's really what fashion is all about, being fearless and pushing the envelope while confidently putting your best (and well outfitted) foot forward!

Now onto my looks! First my 'paparazzi' outfit for when I went to photograph outside Lincoln Center...

Snapped while in the elevator. Because that's super classy....
Wearing my favorite Audrey tank and distressed denim + novelty printed sneakers. Couldn't help copying the classic bun and shades look. Thanks for the inspiration A!

Dressing for fashion week is so fun, because you basically have a wild card to wear whatever you want, no questions asked. It's a time to express vision without being judged, to play with different styles, silhouettes, and accents and to really have fun! These were my favorite looks to wear, I particularly loved the white ensemble and the black asymmetrical hem dress. Because who doesn't love feathered white t shirts or full skirts with a twist?

But the highest highlight of the entire week was actually walking in my first NYFW show! I had two looks for a new label, Oudifu, a Chinese brand that was making it's debut here in the States. And I got to close the show! I was so impressed with how the production was run behind the scenes at the tents, it wasn't a chaotic madhouse like I always assume backstages are but was on time, organized, and relaxed. Definitely helped calm my nerves!

In case you want to watch the show...

So to recap, Fashion Week was awesome. And that's that.
Peace out Fashion Week. It's been real.
Live Beautifully and you'll always be in fashion,

-K. Lee

Sunday, September 7, 2014

SC ETV Feature

While I was home in South Carolina I had the chance to do an at home interview with SC ETV. It's one of many interviews in a series called Original SC, which highlights people from my home state of South Carolina that have an inspiring or interesting story to share. This is probably one of my favorites because I think the producer did a great job capturing who I am, what I stand for, and the message I'm trying to get across with Live Beautifully. Check it out and give it a like on Youtube

A special thank you goes out to the producer, Ms. Tabitha Safdi! Thanks for featuring so many wonderful people from South Carolina and for including me in the series!

Live Beautifully,
-K. Lee

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make An Egg White Omelet...or Scrambled Egg Whites

This morning I had the bright idea to try my hand at cooking a beautiful, healthy egg white omelet! So I searched on Google "how to make an egg white omelet" because Google knows everything! After finding the simplest recipe ever, I assembled all of my ingredients and embarked on this exciting journey to create a lovely, delicious, breakfast that I will now share with you. It's time for Clueless Cooking with K. Lee!

whites from 3 eggs (but if you're lazy like me just use 9 tablespoons of liquid egg whites. No one will ever know...unless you post it on blogger...)
1 tablespoon water
pepper to taste
Cubed Bell Peppers
1 tsp olive oil
Pam cooking spray

And that's it! Beautiful, Pinterest worthy omelet here we come!

First put your egg whites, water, and pepper in a bowl and whisk (that's a wonderful word, whisk). Set that aside.

Spray some Pam on a skillet, set the stove on medium, and add in your olive oil, spinach and bell peppers. I didn't really know how much, so I just kind of guesstimated. A wonderful thing to do when you're cooking something new for the first time. As that cooks in the skillet, move it around with a fork until everything looks a little wilted and cooked.

And no, I don't know how long that is, like I said just guesstimate.

Next, pour in your egg white mixture. By now, it should look quite pretty in the pan. You should feel like one of those awesome, talented Pinterest bloggers who post the perfectly lit food photos everyday.
After the mixture begins to bubble, start lifting the edges with a spatula and tip the pan so that the runny eggs slide down to the bottom of the pan. This is where the magic starts to happen, here's where our egg status transforms!

Everything will seem to be going great, until you smell something burning. Apparently, the bottom of your omelet may burn while the top remains runny. Maybe turn down the heat, tip the pan, I have no idea. Try to flip the egg whites. Oops, now they lost their beautiful omelet shape. And there's still egg whites stuck to the bottom! Okay, just scramble the remaining eggs. Salvage them while you can.

But nice effort!

And there you have it, how to make a less than Pinterest worthy, not quite photogenic breakfast! Enjoy your healthy, delicious egg whites! Because as we all know, looks aren't everything. It's the taste that counts.

Live Beautifully and eat well!
-K. Lee

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Week of the Fall! (NYFW!)

New York Fashion Week officially starts this Thursday and I could not be more thrilled! After years of covertly obsessing over the latest trends from the privacy of my own my room...hundreds of miles away, I cannot wait to be back in the city to experience some of the excitement first hand! So in anticipation for the upcoming season, here are a few of my favorite trends for fall!

Plaid was all over the runways this past season, in every shade imaginable! Some shows opted for a more classic color pallette (Tommy Hilfiger) while others were quite adventurous, embracing vibrant hues and unconventional textures (Delpozo). I'm loving plaids because they can read outdoorsy, or punk, or anything in between!
Street Style
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Blanket Coats
Over here on the east coast we all know how brutal this past winter was. The South nicknamed it "Snowmageddon" because we had an unheard of week of snow/ice which made everyone think the world was ending. On those days when the weather was just bitingly cold, all I ever wanted to wear were sweatpants, hoodies, Uggs, and blankets. So I was obviously overjoyed when I saw the blanket coats coming down the runway, literally outerwear that seemed crafted from a favorite caftan. I'm just so happy that fashion is giving us functionality and style in one cozy, over sized piece of heaven.
Burberry Prorsum

Chloe Pre-fall
Ralph Lauren

It is not uncommon for designers to pull their inspiration from times past, and this past season we saw a resurgence of 60's mod. This is probably my favorite trend, as I'm always up for a little blast from the past! Valentino showed some great retro prints, and I was just in love with the entire Gucci collection. It felt like the perfect combination of vintage glamor and modern edge. Time to buy some oversize sunnies and patent leather boots...



Live Beautifully and check out my Pinterest page for more Fall Fashion Inspo!
- K. Lee

Images from
Tommy Hilfiger
Ralph Lauren
Burberry Prorsum
Chloe Pre-fall